Tips For Life – How To Create A Great Environment For Others – Real Self Help Is Helping Others

Your InnerwealthThe ancient laws of nature provide the platform for Innerwealth management. They provide you with an independent, self determined strategy for inner self management. They help you put your inner environment under your own control and therefore create the world around you that you choose. These are the skills we share with you. A way to bring your inner environment in harmony with the outer environment you wish to create.The key is that you get to choose it. You can choose to find more love, more success, more health, more authenticity, more happiness outside of you. You get to choose it, from the inside out.You’ll also be refreshed by the freedom of choice and control you get. No one is dictating how it should be, just linking the inner world to the outer. The environment within to the environment without. By getting back to basics you can choose to create the outer world that is right for you, simply by grounding your choices in an understanding of the ancient laws of nature.Choose the way you affect the world, and how the world responds to you. We are the environment we create. The inner world causes the outer. The Ancient laws of nature, building a better world.REAL SELF HELP IS HELPING OTHERSThere is a vast difference between self help and self obsession but most people don’t understand that difference. Maybe now is a good time to refresh your memory in case you too have forgotten.Self obsession on one hand is about “me, my, I” and self help is about “you, your, other” We originally began self development so that we could be better citizens, to contribute more to the world. Unfortunately along the way, commercial and power interests have gotten in the way, leading to the promise of enlightenment or eternal bliss. These are false advertising with about the same integrity as a used car add in the personals.You have to separate your personal stuff from your contribution to the world. One is focussed on how you feel all the time, the other is focussed on how others feel. The ancient laws of nature taught that we should consider the inner self as the key to contributing to others. It should not be a means to its own end. So, your self development, your Innerwealth is how we bring the best to others.It was taught and now can be remembered that, if you want the world to change, the place it begins is within yourself. There is no use asking for peace in the world if you, yourself, have no peace within. Even one hour of inner turmoil is equivalent to a radical extremist pushing the button on a nuclear war. So, we are very much talking about zero tolerance within, as well as without.There is a vast difference between the fair weather sailor and a real one. Fair weather sailors go out past my window and into the harbour when things look fantastic. However, the weather is the weather and sometimes a freak storm comes. Those fair-weather sailors are always on the rocks, they blame the boat or the weather bureau, but really, it was their incompetence that caused their disaster.In our lives, we cannot become fair-weather sailors. We have to be prepared for everything. It is not just about being nice to people when we feel good. It is about being generous to people when we feel bad. It is about attending a funeral with love still inside us, instead of on the rocks with grief or anger.The environment within us is within our control. We are the masters of that domain. Some people might say that our inner responses to circumstances are automatic, fixed in there like a mouse trap waiting to be triggered. But you’ll need to fight against that sort of powerless thinking. You can choose your inner response to the world. You can be completely open hearted even in the worst circumstance. It is merely a choice.The ancient laws of nature explained circumstances differently to religion or convention. They were sort of a safety valve, where, if our normal mechanisms for dealing with life failed, the safety was always there to keep us genuine in our actions.That safety got lost when people started prescribing to others about how they should or shouldn’t react to certain situations. Since then, there’s a sort of addiction to convention and therefore a collusion by people to think a certain way, in a prescribed way, in particular situations.You can break that convention and find a better way. If you are choosing to bring a change in the world, you have to think and act different to the world. That means you need to reconsider the commitment you’d have to “standard” responses to life circumstances.REAL LIFE CHANGEMy most common and most controversial quote from the ancient teachings is that “people don’t change” I hear allot of anxiety about that idea.People are people, no better or worse than anyone else. So what is there to change? However, what can change is their response to different situations. What once made a person angry, might eventually not affect them. What made a person cruel might suddenly make them sad.We can definitely change our response to circumstances. And this is called the power of human will. We can “perceive” the world as a good place, we can perceive people as good. This is the art of -UNLEARNING.To change or responses, we must unlearn our beliefs. That is not difficult, but our ego mind does resist. Some people have stronger ego minds than others. So, they get more struggle when it comes to changing their responses. For example; what makes a business man a success is most often his ego-mind, but what makes it hard for him to evolve and grow, is his ego-mind. The ego-mind drives him through rain and snow, but it also remains the same when there is calm and sunshine.The ancient laws of nature guarantee you a different perspective. That’s why some people push back against them when they hear them. I have had many people become extremely intimidated by these laws of nature simply because those laws confront the conventional thinking of fundamentalism, the ego-mind.I would give you one simple example to demonstrate. The first law of nature is that all the universe is in perfect balance. In any given moment, local and non local forces are in harmony with each other. One pushing the other pulling. So a tree stands tall because the force of the wind is balanced by the force of the roots of the tree. This idea is easy to absorb and accept because it does not confront the ego-mind.Now if we simply extend the law into more personal matters of the ego-mind, we might find a sudden need to move our seat, or change our body position. Just observe yourself when you read the following paragraph.Depression is caused by elation. Good balances bad. Pleasure attracts pain. For every upper there’s a downer. War and peace are in balance. Life and death are in harmony. Disease is a part of health. Chaos is as important as order.Emotion is an imbalanced thought. We can’t help but have them, but they are more a revelation of our lies and unconsciousness than they are about anything of real value. The emotionally addicted individual will swing up with the uppers and desperately (and understandably) try to avoid the downers. Of course, that addiction eventually becomes a chemical.The mastery of your responses to circumstances is the beginning of a life changing commitment. But it does not stop there. The journey has only just begun.THE REAL ENVIRONMENT WE NEED TO PROTECT.Many people think of the environment in terms of air, water and noise pollution. They think of clean environments as places with pure air and water, far from crowds. But this is only a fragment of the story. A mean hearted man, sitting in the purest of forests is causing more pollution, and is being polluted more by his thoughts than even the most toxic of pollutants could cause.It is a statistical and scientific fact that 90% of people die before old age. The major cause is stress placed on their body by thought. Many people think that people who live in primitive pristine environments live long. But they don’t, if they live long it is not because of the environment, it is because of the way they think.Let me give you a perfect example. Do you see the anti smoking advertisements on the back of cigarette packets these days, showing the toxicity of cigarettes, and bits of human flesh all eaten away? Now, if you were really wanting people to live long, what would you think to put on the back of a cigarette packet that someone can only see after they bought the cigarettes? Yes, you’d put something beautiful there. You’d know that a person becomes what they think.Did you know that people become as you treat them? Science has also identified one of the most important behavioural variables in children. Parents. And this is revealed to be more than just what we say to children. In many studies the parent has had strict vigilance over their language, but still had a deep impact on the child, just through their ability to worry.Our inner world can be felt by others; our feelings, emotions, thoughts, expectations, desires are more transparent than we think. I am sure you have felt the presence of an angry person, or a sad person, an abundant person, a kind one. Our sixth sense is in operation long before we speak to a person.So, our inner environment is more transparent than we think. WE “project” our real experience of life out into the world long before we open our mouths. We can’t even dress to hide it. Our clothes and plastic surgery are a mask that might fool a few people for a short time, but eventually we are revealed.This mask is called the ego mind. It has served us for hundreds of years. Hypocrisy has been the faith of business leaders, politicians, and lovers for the past 2500 years it has thrived, because people were a little blinded by the idea that belonging to an establishment, a recognized religious order, gave them immunity from truth. But it works no more.Take the time to go chat with a person aged between 14 and 22. Ask them what they think. They are the new era of society, their intuitive side is back in tact. No matter how we try, they see through us. They’ve got the wisdom back, and for the marketers, sales staff, music producers, product manufacturers and educators, it poses an enormous challenge. Honesty is on its way back. The intuition is alive, and it’s about time.POLLUTION CONTROL (INNER POVERTY) AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT.We know a person before we meet them. We detect lies before they are told. We know when people are bluffing. Even though we have become de-tuned from this awareness on a conscious level, our intuition still picks it up. These days we focus more on what we “should” think, rather than what we feel.It was a revolution in human thought to learn that colour, race, culture, creed, politics and sex were a very poor basis on which to evaluate other people. Quite rightly, we have undergone (I mean most civilized people have undergone) a transformation in that ideology. We’ve learned about equality and diversity.However, some people are still stuck in the old ways. The obvious ones are the fundamentalist religions. But there are also the less obvious. There are also people disguised as evolved and educated citizens who treat people very poorly. Organizations, leaders, business where the rules are set but the thoughts of individuals haven’t changed at all. A racism still exists in the world, and our intuition picks it up. Aggressive people, angry people, violent people, mean ones. People who have just taken their old fundamentalist ideals and hidden them beneath political correctness.So, if you are intending to be a real force in the world of change, and you do want to make the world a better place because you exist, then you need to really own your prejudices and transform them. Your inner environment is transparent. What you think and feel, others know. Even if you deny your misdeeds, you are unable to contain the scent of it. You are a transmitter and that inner environment with or without the pollution is what the world around you really feels. This is the real difference between a saint and a sinner. The inner environment.BEYOND MYTHBeing good, is what many people deep as a pollution free inner world. One without guilt and fear but this is pure myth. We are a melting pot of the whole world within. We have every feeling, every emotion, every sense within us and we are meant, from time to time, to experience those. So, the born again, or the new age person trying to be heavenly, is, according to the ancient laws of nature, blowing smoke up the proverbial chimney.Really, it is about your intent. If you can rest in the truth that in your everyday life no matter how “nice” you are that you might experience the fullest range of emotion, then the only real question you have is, what are you going to do about it?We have the opportunity to choose at least a thousand times each day, between emotional reaction and an alternative response to situations. Take the angry driver as a great example. Last week I saw a woman in her car accelerate around the roundabout to try to “block” another driver who was in front of her. This woman blasted her car horn as if the world was coming to an end. I watched from the footpath as she completed her passage around the roundabout, then parked in the church car park. I wonder?We are who we are. We react to the world in very peculiar ways. For the lady in the car, being right, was far more important than being kind. We have the opportunity to make these decisions everyday. Do you want to be profitable or likeable? Do you want to be a leader or a follower? Do you want to make others feel valued or tricked? Do you want to make others feel like you believe in them, or do you need to carry their fears as well as your own?A myriad of choices. There is no real, finite organized religious answer to these questions. Simply they are your choices. A commitment. You want to make people feel important, then simply put yourself down. It works every time. If that is what you choose.It is important for each person to know that whatever they make others feel, has two sides to it. If they make others feel important, then eventually those others are going to become very upset when they realize they are not important. (there’s always a balance)You’ll need to sit down and think. What do you really want to create, and have you considered the two sides of that? What do you want to cause in the world?MATCHING THE INNER AND THE OUTERWhat is it you wish to create in your world?The first key of environmental management is to determine the outcome you would like to achieve. Now, this is important because many people will end up in self obsession mode. Saying things like “I want to feel…”Instead I encourage you to think differently. I’d encourage you to be in self development mode by saying things like “I want to make others around me feel…”This is the starting point. We begin with real honesty. We do care how others feel and we do want them to feel certain things because of our existence in the world. We might want them to feel strong, brave, inspired, generous, confident, trusting, committed to our dream, enthusiastic about what we have to say.You can take the time right now to list down all the things you want others to feel in your presence. Of course this includes your beloved, your partner, children, work colleagues but it also extends to the people in the street. Remembering that your inner environment is transparent. Therefore, what ever you wish to give to others, you have to know that it is given to everyone, not just your close friends. When you sit on the bus or the park bench, your energy is either infecting people, or inspiring them. It’s your choice.THE SECOND STEP BRINGING IT HOMEYou can’t give what you haven’t got. If you are not happy, or content, or in harmony, then how could you cause that with others? They will see straight through you.Authenticity means that we become what we want others to get from us. It reminds me of the tap in the pub. When you order a beer from the bar, the bar person puts the glass under the tap and fills it. Some foam always escapes the glass until there’s a nice head on the beer.The foam that escaped is not worthless. It is build into the calculation on the cost of your beer. But the pub doesn’t care where it goes. It is “released” to the drain pipe.So, with whatever you give to others, it must come from a full cup. You can’t walk around unhappy and hope that your smile will make others happy. You can’t walk around angry and expect to make others peaceful. It just doesn’t work like that.Anger boils over and we can give anger to people as easy as we can give love to them. A business person who comes home at night with frustration or fear about their business is filling their home with “negative” energy, even if they think they “covered it up”So, the ancient laws of nature cut through the myths, and give you ways of processing the world around you so that you stay in the space you choose to cause for others. In other words you think giving, not taking, you think action not reaction.RAW HONESTY – A BETTER WORLDTry stepping out of the world every day for a few minutes. Go sit under a tree, take a walk or do something you love that takes no judgement. Just go and absorb yourself in nature; swim, walk, take a photo, ride a bike, smell a flower. You’ll find it brings out your honesty.For the vast majority of my clients when they first approach me, they are in total denial that they have any deep rooted emotional baggage inside. But I am lucky enough to have a really strong awareness of what is inside a human heart and I know when they are not being honest with themselves. It is quite accidental, they don’t intend it. They just lose touch with the feeling and think (more hope) that it went away.In my workshops I try to encourage people to witness nature. To see themselves reflected in all of nature. In this way I help people to unblock any blind spots. To get past all the “should and Shouldn’t” that runs their life. Then there’s a new way of being. Instead of processing emotion, a person learns to be it.Why do you think we have emotion? Do you think that emotion is there for nothing? I doubt you do. Emotion can really show you where you need to lift your game. If you feel guilty that you are not treating someone well, then maybe, instead of collapsing it, and becoming comfortable with “guilt” maybe you should act to make them feel honoured. Better early than late don’t you think?CONTRIBUTIONIt is all about your contribution to the world. Your humanitarian footprint. We can’t give what we haven’t got so, at first there might be some selfishness about it. A need to define what works and what doesn’t work for you. That includes the people you hang out with. You need to be filled, and let the energy of your life overflow.Self obsession is very, very much a waste of life. Trying to communicate “properly” or even “do the right thing” is just conformity on the outside. You have to go inside you and make a commitment to some constants. Some ideas that you want people to feel when they know you. It is no mistake to become famous, or wealthy, or a contributor. It is a choice, a choice based on how you want people who know you and the ones who don’t know you, to feel in your presence.Ultimately, we change the world by being the change we want the world to become. It begins at home, at work, in love.